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hey best friends, I'm nice I promise, talk to me if you need anything

curvylovescurly asked: Harry in leather on stage? Those loooong, lean legs and perky, tiny butt in tight leather, as he jumps up and down giving us glimpses of his laurels, while his curls bounce? Uuuuggghhhh!!! You truly want me dead!


Honey don’t get me started! On stage yes of course, being the perfect entertainer as always, but not only that; He could walk around in broad daylight in leather and just be his best ‘fuck all I do what I want’-self. 

And it would be glorious.

Look you got me started…


We asked our followers to pick their favorite design out of six choices, and this design was by far the winner. We have sold this design three times but have always been successful in meeting our goal. Since we’re releasing this design again for sale this will be the last time we will ever be releasing it.

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We have multiple styles available from crew, tank, hoodie, and more. If you’re interested or want to look at prices you can do so by clicking the link below. If you have a question or would like more information on anything not included on the site you can message us.


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when u just tryna be larry af and people rain on your parade


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Louis untying Liam’s boots Charlotte 09282014

0:09 the formation of the Great Idea
0:16 the devious glint in Louis’ eye
0:19 Louis waiting until Liam starts singing and therefore can’t stop The Untying
0:30 the Tommo is pleased with his work
0:32 “Oops”

I could not love Louis more than I loved him at this moment

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When the beat drops in steal my girl

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